I Can Help.

Growing up in California, I had many friends that were members of the LGBT Community. As I went through my medical training and became enamored with the field of fertility, I knew that one of my missions would be to help some of my wonderful friends become parents.

As the leader of LGBT reproductive rights in South Florida, I was the first doctor to eliminate unnecessary medical testing requirements for members of the Lesbian Community undergoing fertility treatment. My goal was to make treatment as easy and friendly as possible, and treat all couples the same, regardless of their sexual preference.

In 1997, I became the first doctor in the country to use a newly developed method of washing sperm to make it virus free, to treat HIV discordant couples for fertility. There were many success stories and many children were born free of HIV as a result of these early and groundbreaking treatments.

As society has advanced, and technology has changed, I have continued my pioneering work in making fertility treatment affordable and accessible to all. At Palm Beach Fertility Center, all patients are welcomed and listened to and given a chance to have a child, regardless of their age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender status.

In the office, you will be treated as an individual not a number. My excellent staff will make sure your needs are addressed and everything is explained to you in a clear and careful manner. Eliza, my office manager will spend time discussing the financial aspects of your care and ensure that every option is available to you.

Please call our office anytime you have questions. We look forward to discussing your reproductive needs and help you achieve your family goals.

Dr Mark Denker

Dr. Mark Denker
Palm Beach Fertility Center