Our Mission:

To provide a diverse lesbian women’s multimedia platform to recapture and redefine the term “girl.”

We’ve developed a multimedia platform where we reach thousands of women each and every month. It includes: print, web, and phone.

First, is our bi-yearly print publication. It includes insightful articles and gir(L) friendly business directory.

Second is the web. All the articles found in the publication are also found on the website, plus additional articles, information and event pictures. The website also features an online directory of gir(L) friendly businesses. We distribute an e-newsletter to thousands of women every month, as well.

The third is the phone app. The phone app makes it simple for our users to gain access to everything that’s on the website but much more. We’ve included exclusive content such as additional event photos, social chat rooms and gir(L) friendly business directory. With the touch of a button, we can reach everyone who downloaded the app through push notifications.

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Shelly Allen
Jackie Branca
gir(L) re*de*fined

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