By: Carol Briseno, Certified Clinical Thermographer

When it comes to breast cancer, early detection is the best defense. Women now have access to a unique technology that can provide them with this early warning: a procedure called Breast Thermography. This test is non-invasive, comfortable and safe, using no radiation and no compression of the breast.

Breast Thermography is an excellent screening procedure that captures images of the breast to aid in the early detection of breast irregularities. It is based on the principle of temperature variation, chemical and blood vessel activity in the area of developing breast cancer, it is almost always higher than in a normal breast.

Images are captured with ultra-sensitive digital infrared camera and analyzed with computers that seek to detect the increases in surface temperature and vascular changes. Just as unique as a fingerprint, each patient has a particular infrared map of their breasts. Any modification of this infrared map on serial imaging (images taken over months to years) may constitute an early sign of an abnormality. However, if a pathology is suspected, this information is used to recommend further examinations and tests.

The first session provides a baseline of your thermal signature (like your fingerprint) and a subsequent session in 3 months to assure that patterns remain unchanged. Then an ongoing annual comparative study to continue to detect any suspicious functional (physiological) changes. All records are archived for future comparative analysis.

Breast thermographic technology has been FDA approved since 1982. It has been gaining national prominence and more widespread use recently, due to the recent mammogram guidelines. Many women make a personal choice to use thermal imaging instead of mammography, while most women use thermal imaging in addition to mammograms and/or ultrasounds. Research confirms Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging when used with mammography, can improve the sensitivity of breast cancer detection. The choice should be made on an individual basis with regard to your clinical history, personal circumstances and medical advice.

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