Broward Health Imperial Point…providing quality since 1972

Since 1972, providing quality has remained the cornerstone of Broward Health Imperial Point’s mission. While continuing to meet the needs of the growing community, this dedicated team of compassionate physicians and medical staff have one, demonstrated, constant goal: to provide safe and expert care. Part of Broward County’s largest and most established health system Broward […]

Research Suggests Frankincense Essential Oil May Be a Useful Tool in Fighting Breast Cancer

By Shelly Allen, CEOC, AADP accredited In continuing our Essential Oils for Breast Health series, this week we will focus on Frankincense essential oil. Frankincense is probably one of the most widely recognized essential oils along with it’s BFF, Myrrh. Anyone who has any affiliation with the bible will immediately reflect on frankincense and myrrh […]

Dark Chocolate: The Not-So-Bitter Truth

By Joy Bauer, MS, RD | Reviewed by a board-certified physician Verywell For years, researchers have investigated the health effects chocolate (of course, when it’s eaten in moderation) and have ultimately reached the following conclusion: dark chocolate has numerous health benefits. I’m a huge fan of dark chocolate (and have even included it as one […]

The Six Hidden Causes of “Chronic” Illness

An estimated 133 million Americans, 40% of the population, suffer from chronic diseases, a number projected to grow to 157 million by 2020. Although these diseases are usually considered “incurable,” many people have found relief from their symptoms through methods pioneered by veteran holistic physician and author of bestselling book “The Emotion Code” Dr. Bradley […]

Four Ways To Stay Sober Through The Summer Holiday Drinking Season

Here comes the summer drinking season—June graduations and weddings, Fourth of July, the beach, and barbecues! What could go wrong? Plenty, if you don’t have a plan for getting through the summer sober. In Alcoholics Anonymous, we call the period from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year the “Bermuda Triangle” of sobriety—many alkies come in, […]