Kids With Lesbian or Gay Parents Do Just Fine

Study finds no differences between children of gay, lesbian or heterosexual couples A long-term study of children adopted by gay and lesbian parents has found that the kids are well-adjusted through middle childhood, researchers say. Nearly 100 two-parent families were included in the study, half had gay or lesbian parents. All had adopted children. The […]

What Is Collaborative Law?

By Carolann Mazza, P.A. An alternative dispute resolution process for people who are divorcing, who are not married though have children in common, for same-sex couples, and other people who have family related conflicts. What Is Collaborative Law? Collaborative law, also known as collaborative divorce and collaborative practice, is an alternative dispute resolution process for people who […]

Forgiveness Is The Foundation Of Healing

From child abuse and domestic violence to human sex trafficking and atrocities against civilians in war-torn countries, our world creates new victims daily. Broken bones and bruises heal, but for many, the emotional damage is lifelong and life altering. Experiencing abuse can affect how you feel about yourself and how you respond to other people. […]