Robert De Niro Says, “Everyone should see ‘Vaxxed’, there’s something there…”

In a new interview on Today, Robert De Niro “regrets” pulling the documentary, Vaxxed from his Tribeca Film Festival that opens today. According to De Niro, “I was away filming and didn’t have all the information so I agreed to pulling.” De Niro, who has an autistic son, says about the vaccine/autism link, “There’s something […]

Gwen Stefani, Why She is the Most Relevant Female Performer of Our Time

By Shelly Allen Many are familiar with Gwen Stefani’s story, but few realize the impact of her personal yet very public journey and its influence on women both young and old. Her Just a Girl lyrics and performance became the anthem of women across the globe. The personal power she attained and has maintained has kept her relevant […]