A new app designed for the lesbian and bi-sexual community has officially launched, looks to connect women. 

The new app, gir(L), hails from the publisher’s of gir(L) Magazine, Shelly Allen and Jackie Branca, and was designed to give women a medium with which to communicate and connect.

According to Shelly Allen, “Since New Moon (the local lesbian bar) closed the one question we hear the most at every event we attend is, ‘Where do all the women go?’ I think the most simple answer is, everywhere. I’m just not sure there is one spot specifically for women any more. The world is changing and we can pretty much go anywhere and feel comfortable. Having said that, there is still one major problem. How do you meet new women, make new friends and connect without an established ‘go to’ place? We designed the gir(L) app to fill that gap.”

The gir(L) app features groups that are drilled down to specific interests from softball to restaurants but also includes an open chat group. Groups give women the opportunity to chat or ask each other questions about specific topics. “We are really excited to give women access to each other and their experiences. Let’s say you are working on a home improvement project or you’d like to try a new restaurant but want to know how gay friendly it is, you can launch the app and come to your own community to get some advice. You can also share and find out where the most happening spot is in real time.” Allen said.

Along with groups, the app offers event calendars, as well as gir(L) friendly business listings. According to Allen, The event calendars were designed to let women know where gir(L) events are happening not only in south Florida but all over the country.”

The best way to download the app is go to www.girlmag.us and click “Download the App” on the home page. From there you can choose an android or apple download. You can also search “gir(L)” in your app store.



gir(L) App