By Shelly Allen


Have I been living under a rock? Quite possibly I have and that could be the only explanation for my being completely unaware of a dynamic, little show called Grace and Frankie on Netflix. I mean, I did heard of it but I just never tuned in.

Well, Alicia and I have been binge watching the series over the holiday and I can not tell you how freaking funny this show is! It is full of gut busting one liners reminiscent of the Golden Girls humor.

For those of you who, like me, are also living under a rock, I will break down the story line for you.

Grace and Frankie are women in their 70’s and married to their husbands, (Robert and Sol) of some 40 years. Unbeknownst to them their husbands fell in love 20 years ago…with each other. The series opener begins with the four of them meeting for dinner and Robert and Sol coming out of closet, professing their love for each other and leaving their wives. What ensues is a hilarious journey of two old women learning the true meaning of friendship and how to navigate both their feelings and this new world of singlehood.

With Jane Fonda, 81, as Grace and Lily Tomlin, 79, as Frankie, the witty commentary and zingy one-liners are gut-splittingly funny. Their charisma and genuine love for each other makes watching the show a truly enjoyable experience. And, it doesn’t hurt that Lily Tomlin is one of our own!

Lily Tomlin, met her partner, Jane Wagner in 1971 and married her in 2013. The two have been together for 47 years! GOALS, ladies, GOALS!

In 1975, Time Magazine offered her a cover if she was willing to come out. Despite all encouragement from fans at the time, she declined, citing that being typed as the gay celebrity is not something she was interested in. Good call, Lily! We saw what happened to Ellen in the 90’s.

In a 2015 interview, Tomlin said her witty and sweet mother would “literally” have died if she had come out as gay while she was alive. I know that’s something many gir(L) readers can relate to.

So my fellow “under rock dwellers”, the next time you are sitting on your couch with a little time to spare and a Netflix subscription at your finger tips, give Grace and Frankie a go, you will not have more fun watching anything else, except maybe re-runs of the Golden Girls.

Grace and Frankie, A Netflix Original