Being a woman in a man’s world has never been easy, especially when it comes to gun ownership.

When I was buying my first gun, I did all my research online because I was too intimidated to go into a gun shop or attend a gun show to get more information. Is it surprising to do online research? No, not in this day and age but the reason in this case is all too common. A typical gun shop is generally a very male dominated space and let’s face it, ladies, men very rarely understand the emotional viewpoint of a woman. We’re just made different and that’s ok but in terms of gun ownership, it’s very important to have your needs understood. After I purchased my gun, I needed to learn how to shoot it and practice. I’ve utilized several shooting ranges and as I had imagined, it was a very intimidating space.

Enter Gun World in Deerfield Beach. The facility is woman owned and operated and as a woman…I can really appreciate that! Owner, Kim Waltuch was brought to the helm of the business through a series of traumatic events. Gun World was the vision of her husband and avid shooter, Randy Waltuch. Gun World was Randy’s dream shooting range. He designed the range with all of his dream features in mind. In the range, you will find a sink to wash your hands before you exit the range. You will also find clear dividers between each lane so you can always see when your neighbors are shooting. There’s an amazing waiting room where you can watch those who are before you,shoot. There is also a sofa and television as well as refreshments. At Gun World, they really have thought of everything.

Gun World

Unfortunately, Randy passed away unexpectedly leaving Kim to run the business and run it, she has. I don’t know what Gun World was like before Kim took over but she has certainly made the atmosphere welcoming and inviting to women! When you walk in, you immediately feel at ease. There’s usually at least one woman there to greet to you. Because the range is welcoming, couples bring the family and utilize the lounge to preoccupy the kids while they use the range. Kim has added a variety of concealed carry purses as well as other goodies for women. They offer ‘ladies only’ shooting classes, too! Maybe it’s the woman’s touch at Gun World that makes it feel so welcoming, but one thing is for sure, you feel a warmth when you walk in the door that you won’t find at any other gun range. Take a look for yourself. Gun World is located in Deerfield Beach and you can check out their website at