If men have “man caves” where they can escape, why shouldn’t women have their own escapes?

Well, there’s a new trend to help ladies everywhere shed the stresses of the everyday: meet the “She Shed.” Typically constructed in a backyard nook, these tiny cottages are perfect for women who want alone time for reading, creating, gardening, or even napping. There are no rules to building a She Shed; they’re anything you want them to be (and then some). See our favs below!

she-shed-red doors
Red doors give this she shed a “barnish” feel


she-shed-rusticThe rustic she shed looks inviting for an afternoon nap…


she-shed-purple-doorsPurple doors and an elegant inside make this the perfect girl’s getaway


she-shed-openAnd for the artsy side..


she-shed-no-doorsThe she shed for romance…


she-shed-glass-doorsFinally, the she shed lounge