Warm weather means more active time outside of the home for many pets. Here are some essential tips from Dr. Kamiya to help keep your pets—and those in your community—safe this summer.

Pets Summer Safe1.Keep Track of Your Pet:

More time outdoors may mean more opportunity for a pet to wander too far. Make sure your contact info is current and clearly visible on your pet’s tags and be sure to follow appropriate registration requirements for your city or county. You may also want to have your pet microchipped if they aren’t already. This allows vets, shelters and animal services to scan for your information if your pet is found as a stray.


2. Spay and Neuter:

Contribute to your pet’s health and longevity while preventing overcrowding in your local shelters due to unwanted offspring. You may think you’ve got the situation under control when it comes to your intact pet interacting with other animals, but what happens if he or she inadvertently gets out? Save the lives of any future unwanted animals and keep your pet healthy and happy by making sure to spay or neuter this spring.


Keeping Pets Summer Safe3. Avoid Outdoor Pests:

Your vet has likely encouraged you to keep your pets on heartworm and flea/tick/parasite prevention treatments year round, but if you have taken a break for the winter be sure to get your pet a health check right away and secure proper medications for the spring and summer. Otherwise, you, your pet and even your home could suffer the health and practical consequences of outdoor pests moving in!